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Jun. 17th, 2009


Cherry Tree

I've a Stella Cherry tree in the garden I bought about 6 years ago, and its grown well, the trunk about 4 inches thick. I've kept her trimmed so I can put a tipi tripod and netting around, and for a couple of years got lbs and lbs of fruit for Solstice; nice sweet yummy big ones, bright red like you get in Tesco's// well, Waitrose, theyr so good. I even had to bottle some, too many to eat.
But for the last two years, the same thing happened; a great surge of blossom in spring, lots of bees, fruit setting, and lots of little yellow fruit. Then late May, the growing tip leaves start shrivelling, and hoards of little bleack aphids start munching. Then 99% of the fruit drops off.
Not sure if theyre connected, but i had a long chat with the nice people at Dundry nursuries and maybe got a few answers.

1      I've fed and mulched with horsey poo compost, but maybe could add some blood fish and bone in spring.
2      Apply a blackfly spray as soon as they appear. There are some orgnanic ones, but i may go nuclear with them
3      Apply a winter wash around December; the little buggers winter over, but how they survived the cold this year......

Can I remember till next year? Where are the ladybirds!

On the positive side, the strawberries are going well, and the raspberries are plumping nicely. Can I eat them all!

May. 24th, 2009



My next door neighbour's daughter, A has been living with her for the last couple of years, having returned from Italy  with her 3 year old son; the husband stayed over there. Don't know what the back story is, but had assumed they were amicably separated. Bit surprised wen I got an invite to the christening at the local Catholic church; I know the mum has a strong distrust of religion, especially Catholics, and the daughter is certainly not religious. I said of course I'd go along, and today was the day. Seems it was done for the Italian inlaws, and the husband and his brother and a couple of other relatives turned up too.. hard to keep a straight face; they were archetypal; slick black hair, tight trousers, very dark complexion, open neck shirts and medalions... very sweet! There were about a dozen neighbours and friends, and the deacon did a good job; explaining the symbolism and in a very low key syle. Little A was perfect, didnt squeal at all when up ended in the font.. I think I would have done.
But what was it all about. I don't know what sort of preparation they'd had beforehand; was it just a rubber stamp job to crank up the number of catholics? Where they real honest vows the parents made? Or was it all for appearances.
Theres been a bit of fluff about un-baptism for those who didnt want to be part of the church; I can sort of understand it, but the deacon made it very clear that the vows were being made on behalf of little A; when he could understand better, he could make his own vows at confirmation. That makes sense.
I never got confirmed.

May. 17th, 2009


Sickening for something

So far been a reasonably ok year health wise but I've overdone it this weekend and collapsed. Not seriously bad, but I dont like it.
Had plans to do loads over the w/end, fixing stuff in the garden, repairing broken pipes from winter and the like. I am manic, so I was  up at 8.00 working through till 5.00, making a special loaf of bread for a party in the evening.
Didnt stop all day to eat.
My smoking has ramped up again and thats making my chest uncomfortable; ok breathing but its not right,
A lovely party up in the hills; a friend's 61st, but i stood outside when it was cold for too long.
I came home about 9.00 (is was an all day party, starting with scones and jam and tea at 3) but i was feeling weird. Cold, shivering fuzzy head, and a sore throat, and irregular missfiring of the heartbeat. and heartburn. Home and wrapped up in a duvet with the heating on, waiting for the electric blanket to warm; double duvet and fully clothed to bed. I dont do that, and its not nice.
This morning chilly but feeling loads bettter. Heart settled down to 80, BP on the high side but ok, blood sugar fine.
Maybe its just a chill with added nicotine withdrawal; I 've not smoke for 24hr.
8.00 and time for bed; see how i feel tomorrow.

Apr. 29th, 2009


How's Your Vocabulary?

Your Vocabulary Score: A+
Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

Apr. 21st, 2009


Gower Holiday

Only a long weekend, but a couple of nights in a hotel, an unheard of luxury for me. As breakfast was included, I had to  have the biggest and mostest, and inspite of walking both days, I've put on weight. Hotel in Oxwich bay, excellent, though service a bit variable. Internet provided lots of churches and castles and seaside walks and standing stones and forts to look at. Really friendly people too, meeting the same ones on different walks. Extraordinary good weather too; July sunshine wall to wall and deserted beaches.. Good beer too.. just wish i could aford to stay longer.

Apr. 18th, 2009


Interesting talk

Copied from an e group....

Omphalos brings you more fantastic speakers at the Bath moot – on the 2nd Sunday of the month!

The next Omphalos Magick Moot is Sunday 10th of May when we present Kim Huggens' talk "Ten Ways to Curse Your Lover: Malefic Erotic Magic in the Ancient World"

In the Ancient World to incite passion and love in somebody using magic was to curse them, and the methods employed by magicians to do so were disturbingly similar to those employed to kill, maim, bind, or ruin a person.
This talk will examine the techniques and methods used in ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Greece, and the Roman Empire for binding the object of affection (or victim) to the magician's will. Fetching charms, erotic-attraction spells, separation spells, curses to torment the victim until they yield to the magician's love, and more will be studied based on both textual and archaeological sources.

In particular, the use of "voodoo" dolls – or effigies – in these erotic malefic magics will be explored. There will be a close study of the so-called "Louvre" doll currently residing the Louvre museum Paris: a female effigy of baked clay, made kneeling and with her hands and feet bound behind her back, with thirteen sharp nails driven through various parts of her body (dated to ca. 3rd century CE.) This archaeological find will be compared with the text from the Graeco-Roman Magical Papyri (PGM) IV. 296-466. The text and the doll bear a striking similarity, and highlight a wide variety of common features from these erotic malefic spells.

Kim Huggens is a current PhD student in Cardiff University's Ancient History department, with a thesis on malefic magic in the Late Antique period. Her research interests focus on the use of figurines in malefic magic in both the ancient and medieval world, and on the influence of the Mediterranean world upon other cultures and times in relation to magic and religion. Previous publications include "Sol Invictus: The God Tarot", and papers in "The Mithras Reader vol. 2", "Horns of Power", and "Priestesses, Pythonesses, and Sibyls". She is currently working on her second Tarot deck, "Pistis Sophia: The Goddess Tarot", and a homestudy Tarot course for Llewellyn publications due out Autumn 2010.

Venue: Upstairs at the Huntsman, 1 Terrace Walk, North Parade, Bath

Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm start

Cost: £5.00 on the door

The Omphalos Magick Moot will continue after the talk, with an opportunity open discussion and lively debate. Regular Omphalos meetings are on the second Sunday of each month, at our new home, upstairs at the Huntsman.

Apr. 14th, 2009


St Fagans National History Museum

Following Cariadwen's posting a while back, I braved a bank holiday monday and crossed into foreign lands for a visit. Very impressed with the Welsh museums in general, plus they're free. £3 parking all day is a bargain. The museum was.. interesting. I'm afraid I'm not a theme park museum person, and this was one big one. Lots of fantastic buildings from all over Wales, but the feeling that its the old broom with a new handle and a new brush.. all very re constructed. A couple of enthusiastic minders who knew their stuff, but some who just re-cycled the notice board. A great Celtic village, with a dressed up guide making wild fire and a leek soup over a fire.. pity his assistant had a LED head band to see... but the smoke from a tiny fire got me thinking of camps again.
Best was the church.Well, one of several. This one had been discovered just as the wall paintings were starting to deteriorate as the roof fell in. Much conservation just in time, but the rebuilt church had had the paintings re done "using the same paints and techniques" and copied.. the result is very impressive.. a riot of earth colours and quite stunning. I've seen in situ preserved paintings before, but they just don't do the style justice. Very reminisant of the roman wall paintings I've seen..

Apr. 8th, 2009


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Mar. 15th, 2009


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My nephew Ewan makes videos.

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